In 2018, HMS Livgidromash accomplished the next step of developing a number of technical processes in the key production areas:

  • Experimental melting of a 50kg pump impeller from the super duplex steel (1.4469) was successfully completed. Tapping analysis was carried out at a mobile optical emission spectrometer acquired also in 2018.
  • The technology was perfected for production of impellers’ rods according to the Cold-Box amin process with blowing-out by a gas catalyst and channel sector generation. Utilisation of the technology allows to reduce a labour ratio to output.
  • Instead of a 3D layer-by-layer printing, started to exploit a technology of models’ production with polyurethane rubber to receive critically demanding curved surfaces. This technology considerably improved accuracy and robustness of a core equipment and allowed to rise to a new quality melting level.
  • Radiographic tests were included into a technological process, where the maximum thickness of a product under testing is 120mm.
  • A unique technology was implemented for cryogenic molding of CREACOMP®[1] wearing rings into BCMA 5000-14 pump’s basic parts made of the super duplex steel (1.4469).

Livnynasos reached a new level of melting accuracy for different plastic parts (plastic injection molded parts) for ECV-type pumps’ flow parts after purchase of a new Haitain MARS II International MA2000 II/1000 injection molding machine. The machine makes it possible to not only develop the product portfolio, but also save energy.

In addition, Livnynasos purchased vertical balancing machine VIRIO 15 by Schenck RoTec, which is designed for balancing disc and bowl-shaped rotors such as flywheels, pump impellers, fans and gearbox components. The ideally balanced impeller is a guarantee of reliable and long-term performance.

Nasosenergomash commissioned the continuous sand mixer Spartan, made by English company OMEGA. The new mixer prepares mixtures for molding according to a-set process, and the Gamma 9LL regeneration system makes it possible to significantly decrease material consumption. Usage of the technology allows to minimise both internal (shrinkage) cavities as well as improve the surface quality of castings, thus decreases the volumes of subsequent metalworking.

The production facility also commissioned automatic core shooter Reissaus KSA 15 and organised an impeller’s core Pep-Set production site. As a result, 2/3 of the impeller’s molding was switched to molding in cold-hardening mixtures.

Oil & Gas Equipment

Dyeing of metals

Sibneftamash commissioned a processing line to prepare the surface for dyeing:

  • Shop 1: An abrasive jet chamber for shot-blasting of external and internal surfaces. It allows to prepare surfaces to Sa21/2 cleaning grade standard according to ISO 8501. The chamber is equipped with an automatic system of shot gathering and recuperation.
  • Shop 2: A paint and drying cabinet for painting, drying and final preparation of a manufactured product for dispatching. The cabinet is equipped with airless spray paint sprayers, which can use the main paint materials on various bonding bases (epoxy, polyurethane, etc.). In addition, it allows to shorten the layer-drying time by increasing the temperature in the cabinet to up to +60C.

Metal cutting

In 2018, HMS Neftemash commissioned an abrasive jet cutter WJ2060-1Z-UZ-PJ5AX/PTV JETS 3.8/60 Compact (PTV, Czech Republic). The equipment makes it possible to cut all materials with a high-pressure water jet, adding abrasive without causing thermal impact on the material.

The cutter is designed for production of metal and soft complex details without any thermal impact on the work material, especially for heat-exchanger’s plates.

Generating pressure up to 415MPa, it is able to cut up-to-200mm-thick details made of all materials except tempered glass. Such pressure is generated by an integrated high-pressure pump.

The cutting head allows to make 5D cutting from plate material, e.g., cutting parts with internal and external chamfers on any curved surfaces, cutting of angle holes and treatment of complex curved slots. The produced parts have high quality surfaces, which don’t require subsequent machining, thus decreasing the production time per part.



As part of Kazankompressormash’s melting modernisation process, the facility commissioned a regeneration unit with a molding cold-hardening mixtures shop.

In addition, the company concluded a contract with EGAS (Turkey) to deliver and assemble three mini steel plants (8, 6 and 3 tonnes furnace capacity). One of them, the 8-tonne plant, was supplied in December 2018, and is currently under construction. Delivery of the others is expected in spring 2019.

Machining centres

In December 2018, a unique horizontal boring milling machining centre HCW-2-200 (Skoda Machine Tool Inc.) was supplied to the production facility. The rotary table measures 3x3m in size, has 40 tons of carrying capacity, and the fixed-position table measures 6x3.6m. The centre has the up-to-date five-axis metalworking control system Heidenhain-400.

The blanking-welding shop #17 was equipped with a hydraulic guillotine shear designed for precise and high-quality cutting for steel, base metals and alloys. The maximum metal thickness is 25mm, and the maximum length of cutting is 3,150mm. Two bandsaws were also commissioned, which are designed for curing solid billets and metal profiles.

In order to improve the manufacturing quality of screw compressors and reduce losses related to receiving defective bearings, KKM purchased and commissioned a Bearings vibrational acceptance test stand.

[1] CREACOMP® - a composite material made based on hi-tech polymeric material and carbon fiber.