2018 Calendar of events


  • KKM completed the integrated retrofit works for three compressor systems operated at Pervomayskaya CHPP-14, St. Petersburg (TGK-1), that was required due to the inlet pressure increase of gas supplied to the power equipment of the combined heat & power plant. The retrofit works included installation of new replaceable flow paths of compressors, gear pairs of the multipliers and transmissions, as well as installation of a new advanced automation syste. Compressor systems based on 4GC2-318/2.4-29 centrifugal compressors were made by KKM in 2011.
  • HMS Group signed a Rub 3.1 billion oil & gas equipment contract.


  • High-tech compressor units made by KKM were placed in operation at a gas booster station at the Samburgskoe oil, gas and condensate field (NOVATEK). The units, each with 198,336 Nm3/hour capacity and 16/6 MPa discharge pressure, are based on centrifugal gas compressors with double castings arranged in parallel.
  • The equipment compresses the purified formation gas and was manufactured as a part of the GPA-16 Volga gas compression system, under a contract with KMPO.


  • KKM signed a contract to manufacture and supply a gas compression system for a compressor station construction project at the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye oil, gas and condensate field operated by Messoyakhaneftegaz. The gas compression system, with a 2.1 MNm3/day capacity and 140 bar discharge pressure, was engineered with the participation of R&D institute NIIturbokompressor and involved the use of modern 3D design methods and advanced compressor equipment solutions to ensure highly-efficient compression of associate petroleum gas. The equipment will be manufactured in a hangar version based on a 53GC2-384/4-141 compressor of two parallel arranged compression stages driven by an 18 MW gas turbine made by Kazan Motor-Building Production Association, and will be equipped with all the necessary auxiliaries and up-to-date compressor control and monitoring systems.
  • HMS signed three export US$ 13.5 million contracts for delivery of pumping equipment to a power plant, located in South Asia.
  • HMS repurchased 43,000 of its GDRs representing 0.18 percent of the Company’s issued share capital.


  • In February 2014, the Company was served in Cyprus with an interim order of the District Court of Nicosia (the “Order”). The Order was obtained on an ex parte basis by Konstantin Grigorishin, and certain other plaintiffs against a number of defendants, including the Company, certain of its shareholders and directors, and The Bank of New York (Nominees) Limited. Amongst other things, the Order froze the property of most of the defendants, including the Company, but excluding The Bank of New York (Nominees) Limited and two other defendants, for an amount up to EUR 400 million.
    In April 2014, following written and oral submissions against the Order by the Company and several other defendants, the District Court of Nicosia (the “Court”) discharged the Order in full, including in respect of the Company and its shareholders and directors. Following such discharge, there were no further substantive steps, known to the Company, by plaintiffs to proceed with their claim against the Company or its directors. The Company has maintained that there was no legal ground for the claims and allegations made by Mr. Grigorishin and the other plaintiffs against the Company.
    On 29 March 2018, a Notice of Discontinuance was filed by plaintiffs with the Court. Following the filing of the Notice of Discontinuance and an appearance of our legal representatives before the Court on 4 May 2018, the Court ordered the discontinuance of the action against the defendants. An English translation of the Court’s order of the discontinuance was made available to the Company on 16 May, 2018. The discontinuance of the proceedings was not a result of any settlement agreement, and the Company was not required to make any payments to the plaintiffs.
  • One of HMS managers has acquired 9,200 GDRs using his own funds.


  • HMS Group and UniCredit Bank signed a new credit facility agreement in the amount of Rub 4 billion with 5-year maturity.
  • In line with the best corporate governance practices regarding director rotation, HMS Independent Non-Executive Directors have retired from the Board of Directors, and Mr. Ezio Vergani and Mr. Giorgio Veronesi have been appointed as new Independent Non-Executive Directors.


  • Fitch Ratings affirmed JSC HMS Group’s foreign- and local-currency Issuer Default Ratings of “B+”, with “Stable” outlook. The full text of Fitch’s press release is available here.
  • HMS Group produced pumping units for the 2nd lift pumping station of the Tver water intake (Tver Vodokanal). The units are equipped with DeLium D500-735 double-suction centrifugal pumps. The project was implemented under the modernisation and reconstruction of the centralised water supply and sanitation systems in the city of Tver.
  • KKM signed a contract with NOVATEK for the design, manufacture and complete supply of a main 25 MW gas compression system (GPA), where the main and auxiliary equipment will be designed and manufactured in accordance with the API standards.
    The equipment is intended for the construction project of a complex for gas production, treatment, and liquefaction as well as shipment of LNG and gas condensate from the Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye gas condensate field.
    The project’s feature is the application of a new natural gas liquefaction technology - the Arctic Cascade patented by NOVATEK in March 2018.

The Arctic Cascade liquefaction technology was created and patented by NOVATEK and ensures high efficiency of liquefaction using the ambient temperature of the Arctic region while reducing energy consumption and capital costs. The high operating efficiency of the Arctic Cascade liquefaction technology will allow to minimize the environmental impact as well. www.novatek.com


  • HMS Group signed a contract to supply pumping units for Inter RAO – Engineering under the construction project of a power plant comprising 3 stream-power units with a total capacity of 195 MW at Primorskaya TPP (Kaliningrad region, Russia):
    • The circulation pumping units AD700-700 are designed to supply cooling water to the steam turbine condenser. The units are equipped with DeLium series of the double suction pumps with 8,500 m³/h capacity and 22 m of the pressure head.
    • The feed water pumps, designed for supplying water to the stationary steam boilers, are based on PE 400-185-1 pumps with improved flow path and high efficiency to provide the required parameters of 277 m³/h capacity and 2100 metres of pressure head. The units are equipped with Voith Turbo hydrodynamic clutch to regulate the parameters of the pumping units and maintain the optimal operation mode of the entire feed water supply system at the TPP.
  • HMS Group produced and delivered the 10 MW turbine-driven compressor systems (TKA) made by KKM for an interstage compressor station at the helium membrane separation unit at Chayandinskoye OGCF (Gazprom).
    The scope of supply includes three TKA-10/1 and three TKA-10/2 turbine-driven compressor systems based on 66GC-869/ 1.5-16 GTU and 5GC2-85/ 15-106 GTU compressors designed by NIIturbokompressor for permeate gas flow compression. The systems operate in series being designed to provide the required parameters of permeate fed to the second stage of the membrane modules. The PS-90GP-3 gas turbines are used as drives.

Chayandinskoye oil, gas and condensate field is one of the largest fields in eastern Russia. The field is known for its complex composition of productive gas with a high helium content.The field forms the backbone of the Yakutia gas production centre and serves as a resource base for the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, along with the Kovyktinskoe field in the Irkutsk region of Russia. The field’s annual design output is 25 bcm of gas, 1.9 mt of oil, and 0.4 mt of gas condensate. http://www.gazprom.com/projects/chayandinskoye/


  • KKM signed a contract to produce the 2nd complete gas compression system for the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye oil & gas condensate field (JV of Rosneft and Gazprom Neft). In April 2018, KKM produced a similar gas compression system for this project.
    The gas compression system[1] in a hangar version compresses associated petroleum gas at the booster compressor station, which is under construction at the field. This system, developed by NIIturbokompressor, is complete with a high-efficient 53GC2-384/4-141GTU compressor package of two casings arranged in parallel, an 18 MW gas turbine drive by KMPO, and is equipped with all the required auxiliary systems, contemporary monitoring equipment and controls.
  • KKM put a gas compression system into the test operation at the Kharyaga field (LUKOIL).
    The system[2] compresses low-pressure associated petroleum gas supplied from oil & gas production facilities, and is equipped with high-efficient compression stages arranged in a single casing, dry gas dynamic seals, an integrated exhaust gas heat recovery unit and a 6.3 MW gas turbine made by UEC-Gas Turbines. The equipment has successfully passed the complete cycle of acceptance tests and was brought into test operation.
    In 2016-2017, two other compressor systems made by KKM (32GC-115/2-38 K.U1 and 6GC2-260/2-38 GTU) were put into commercial operation at this facility. The machines show stable operation in accordance with the required technical specifications.


  • HMS Group repurchased 35,000 of its GDRs representing 0.15 percent of the Company’s issued share capital.


  • Apollo Goessnitz GmbH participated in the 21st Abu-Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition. The facility presented the following equipment:
    • KRH/KRHA series overhang radially split process pumps (type OH2, API610) that features low operational costs and ease of maintenance due to back pull-out design with de-mountable coupling and retrofittable runners;
    • AMG series between bearing axially split process pumps (type BB3, API610) featuring high reliability and low vibration due to back to back impellers design;
    • TL/TG series barrel multistage radially split process pumps (type BB5, API610) with cartridge pull-out that enables changeover of inner case on-site without deinstallation of outer case.
  • HMS Group repurchased 31,100 of its GDRs representing 0.13 percent of the Company’s issued share capital


  • HMS Group signed Rub 5.2 billion contract to deliver main and auxiliary equipment for a gas booster station at an oil & gas condensate field in Russia
  • The Group signed Rub 2 billion contact to deliver gas transportations units

[1] Capacity 2.1 mln. Nm³/day and discharge pressure of 150 bar.
[2] 6GC2-260/2-38 GTU turbine-driven compressor system with annual capacity of 250 mln. Nm³ and 38 bar discharge pressure.