Water utilities

Municipal water utilities constitute one of the consistently developing segments of the Russian economy, supported by the steady growth of tariffs (for example, tariffs on cold water supply increased by 5.1% in 2018, hot water supply by 4.9%, and sewerage by 6.1%) and an increasing inflow of private investments.

Total investments in water utilities and waste utilization in Russia reached Rub 130.5 billion (+2.2%).

The most important projects in water utilities construction and modernization in Russia include the reconstruction of Kuryanovsk wastewater treatment facilities in Moscow, the re-equipment of water and wastewater facilities in Saint-Petersburg, and the reconstruction of water utilities in Tyumen (including the new water intake development).

In 2018 the Russian Government launched a number of National Projects including the “Housing and urban environment” project with total budget of Rub 1,066 billion. The project will increase the volume of housing from 79.2 million square meters to 120 million square meters by 2024 (+52%), thus supporting the water utilities development in all regions of the country. A number of other projects were launched in 2018 to ensure the development of water utilities, including the “Volga recovery” project with total investments to the tune of Rub 122.9 billion for 2019-2024.